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    Garage door cables are among the most essential parts of your garage door system.

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    These components perform a series of work to make your garage door function as one.

    It simply means that the cables linked the other parts in order to work together, ensuring safety, efficiency, and smooth operation.

    And so, a damaged garage door cable imposes great danger to your overall garage door system.

    For instance, your commercial garage door in Long Beach unexpectedly encountered a problem with a snapped cable.

    This situation may lead to accidents that can injure your employees or damage your properties.

    When the cable snaps, the entire garage door might suddenly fall and hurt anyone or ruin any object around.

    A broken cable also means that it will be hard for you to open your garage door.

    Hence, keeping your garage door cable intact and functioning well should be one of your priorities when having inspections.

    Like any other components, your garage door cable is subject to wear and tear.

    It will deteriorate over time and will eventually fail to perform its efficient function.

    Since you use your garage door every day and the cables are there to support the entire system, maintenance and repairs are necessary.

    Fortunately, our garage door cable repair service at Long Beach Garage Doors is always accessible anytime.

    You can call and schedule service anytime with us.

    Repairing Any Types of Garage Door Cable in Long Beach

    Garage door cables come in varieties.

    But all of them similarly work.

    For every kind of garage door spring, there’s an equivalent cable.

    Some components may need separate cables, while others require a more solid connection in order to work together.

    Here are some garage door cable types that may be present in your garage door system:

    Emergency Cable

    This cable serves as a safety precaution in case your garage door spring suddenly breaks.

    It keeps the springs in place during an unexpected breakdown, preventing any damages and harm to the objects or people around.

    Torsion Spring Cable

    It links to the torsion spring, hooked to the bottom of your garage door.

    This cable provides support to the torsion spring as they both lift your heavy garage door easily.

    Extension Spring Cable

    It connects to the edge of the garage door extension springs. As this cable lifts the door, the extension spring recoils back in place.

    If you’re unsure whether what type of cable in your garage door system needs a repair, no worries, as we at Long Beach Garage Doors know the ins and outs.

    We can identify the type of garage door cable, and our team can also perform the repairs for you.

    When Do You Need a Garage Door Cable Repair?

    The most obvious indication that you need a garage door cable repair is when you see the cable snaps.

    This situation will cause your garage door to not open or move.

    Without a cable, everything about your garage door will be dysfunctional.

    Other warning signs of a faulty garage door cable include, but not limited to:

    • Marks of frays and rust on cables
    • Misaligned door issues
    • Loose cable lengths
    • Strange noises when moving the garage door

    Finding a loose or thinning out garage door cable calls for repair service.

    Don’t delay the repairs. Instead, act immediately and avoid the occurrence of sudden cable breakage.

    Fix Your Broken Garage Door Cable with Long Beach Garage Doors!

    In cases of sudden cable snaps, you’ll need emergency repair service as soon as possible to reduce downtime and prevent further damages.

    You may think you can do the job yourself, but remember that it involves a lot of risks.

    Fixing a damaged garage door cable is not as simple as you may think.

    It will take time, and you’ll need the expertise and tools to complete the job.

    That’s why it’s better to let the experts at Long Beach Garage Doors handle the repair job.

    With our remarkable experience, training, and modern tools, you can ensure that only the best garage door repair service will get served for you.

    Book a garage door cable repair service with us anytime. We are within your reach in the Long Beach area.

    Call now — we’re ready to help!

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