Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

    One of the most common issues any overhead door owner will encounter is a couple of rollers getting stuck on their tracks.

    Some people may find this problem easy to resolve for as long as they have enough time in their hands and the right tools.

    But, for others with no technical skills and running on an important errand, contact your trustworthy service provider.

    Any issues that the garage door’s exhibit can ruin a day and causes delay.

    But beyond its inconveniences, it can compromise our safety.

    So, if you find yourself in the middle of a predicament and need to be somewhere urgent, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Long Beach Garage Doors is a dedicated team of professional technicians that offers fast and reliable repairs 24/7.

    Check out the following simple quick-fix guide on troubleshooting a garage roller door getting stuck.

    How Do Garage Door Rollers Work?

    The rollers may be a speck of the overall composition of the garage door but they play a crucial role in facilitating a seamless operation.

    Most owners with garage doors often overlook the importance of rollers.

    Therefore, let’s understand this moving part and the role they play.

    Rollers are responsible for aiding the door panel when prompted to lower or lift open.

    Besides facilitating the panel to slide up and down the tracks, the rollers also carry the weight of the panel.

    This means they also encounter a significant amount of friction and tension every day.

    Over time, they will slowly deteriorate and lose their resilient qualities.

    Therefore, if you missed detecting any issues with the rollers, it will likely compromise the overall mechanism of the hardware.

    By knowing anatomically their placement, we will be able to identify which type of roller is causing the problem.

    Know the different parts of garage door rollers and how they work:

    1. Center rollers.

    Found on either side of the panel, center rollers are often attached to the tracks.

    This part of the system makes sure that the door panel will move vertically and seamlessly during operation.

    Among the rollers, the center rollers are easier to replace.

    However, let’s not eliminate the weight of the door panel.

    Meaning, you need to call someone to assist you while doing the replacement.

    2. Top rollers.

    Located at the top-most part of the hardware, just like the center rollers, it functions more likely as the center rollers.

    Although it’s easier to replace them, you may need a ladder to reach the top.

    Once you have accessed the top-rollers, simply remove the nuts, take the worn-out rollers and install the new set.

    3. Bottom rollers.

    Responsible for carrying the weight of the door and providing height clearance at the bottom part of the panel.

    Thus, the given name bottom rollers.

    Since the bottom rollers bear the weight of the door panel, calling for technical support is the best thing to do.

    Common Reasons Why Rollers Get Stuck

    In any property with garage doors, they should be maintained properly by applying grease or lubricant to the moving parts regularly.

    Because if you ignore its key element to smoothly run up and down the tracks, your garage door will squeal.

    Here are additional reasons why the garage roller door getting stuck on its tracks.

    • The rollers are rusty.

    Being exposed to various every day-wear paired with poor lubrication, rust build-up is expected.

    To eliminate the accumulated rusts, lubricate accordingly and avoid over-greasing the rollers.

    You can find rust-free rollers in the form of stainless-steel or zinc-layered rollers.

    • Broken or worn-out rollers.

    Although it may sound ridiculous to even mention this issue, some owners often ignore this kind of problem.

    As a result, the longer you ignore your worn-out rollers, it will cause misalignment or damage to the tracks.

    If you’re not confident to carry out the job of replacing your worn-out rollers, leave them to the experts.

    Not only it will ensure quality repairs, but it will also eliminate any safety risks faulty hardware entails.


    As mentioned earlier, if you think you don’t have the skills to replace the rollers, ask for the experts in Long Beach.

    Some garage roller doors getting stuck may be manageable with minor adjustments.

    However, you can’t simply compromise your safety over a set of broken rollers.

    When you need an expert offering inexpensive repairs and replacements, you’ve come to the right place.

    We assure you that we are the right people to do the job.

    Our line is open 24/7 to accommodate your emergency repair needs in Long Beach.

    Call us at any time of the day!

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