How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Certain instances necessitate you to manually open your door.

    When there is a power interruption, you won’t be able to use your automatic garage door opener.

    If you’re locked out of your garage, you have no other choice but to gain access to your garage by manual operation.

    If you don’t know how to open your garage door manually from outside, this article should be helpful.

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    Steps to Open the Garage Door Manually from the Outside

    If you can’t automatically open your garage door from the outside, you need to have a plan B.

    And that plan is to open your door manually using the emergency key release.

    1. Determine where the emergency key release is on your garage door.
    1. Once you’ve located it, use your key to gain access to your door.

    Insert the key into the lock and turn it.

    1. Drag the lock tumbler out to uncover a release cord.
    1. Pull the cord to disconnect the garage door opener motor from the door.
    1. Once you disengage the opener, you’ll be able to manually open your garage door.
    1. Try opening your garage door by lifting it until it’s completely open.

    Make sure that your garage door won’t fall to prevent injuries and damages.

    How To Re-Establish The Emergency Key Release

    Once you’ve gained access to your garage and parked your car inside, you need to put the emergency key release back.

    But you can only do this if the power is back on.

    Re-establishing the emergency key release is vital.

    This is so that you can use the emergency key release the next time you need to manually open your garage door from the outside.

    It also serves a security purpose for your garage door.

    1. Close your garage door and pull down the same emergency release cord on the garage door opener motor.
    1. And then, manually raise your door until you hear your opener motor reconnect to the door.
    1. Insert the lock tumbler into the hole and secure it with your key.

    You should be able to use the emergency key release again when you need to.

    What To Do If You Don’t Have A Key?

    In the unfortunate circumstance that you don’t have a key at the same time that a power outage occurs, here’s what you can do:

    Pick the emergency key release lock or try to reach the emergency release cord from the top of your door.

    In either way, you’ll still need to follow the steps mentioned above.

    1. Try using a hairpin to pick your garage door emergency key release.

    The purpose of this step is to gain access to the key release, and consequently the emergency release cord.

    1. You can also try using a coat hanger to directly get a hold of the emergency release cord.

    Insert the hanger on the top opening of your garage door and reach for the release cord of your door opener.

    1. Once you have access to the emergency release cord, pull it to disengage the motor from your door.
    1. Finally, you can now lift your garage door by hand to open it fully and enter your garage.

    You’ll never know when power interruptions occur and you need to open your door manually.

    Hence, you should always be prepared.

    Keep a spare key to the emergency key release in your car to avoid having to break into your own garage.


    Do you see now how to do manually operation of the garage door?

    The answer is the emergency key release.

    This component gives you access to your door opener release cord so that you can disconnect the motor from the door.

    Then, you can lift your garage door manually with ease.

    If you need professional garage door repair in Long Beach, call Long Beach Garage Door Repair.

    Our team is always ready to provide you with high-quality garage door repair and installation services.

    Book with us now, and let our team handle your garage door repair needs.

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