How To Replace Garage Door Rollers

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    Need To Replace The Garage Door Rollers?

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    Garage door rollers are the wheels that move along the garage door tracks.

    Their mechanism allows for swift and smooth movement on the vertical and horizontal tracks.

    Worn rollers can delay the opening and closing of your door.

    At best, your door can move shakily or noisily.

    But at worst, movement may be impossible and your garage door will be stuck.

    Hence, you need to regularly keep your garage door rollers in check.

    If you have damaged and worn rollers, replacement is imperative.

    Continue reading to find out how to replace garage door rollers.

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    We can replace and maintain your garage door rollers for you.

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    Signs That You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

    • Does your garage door vibrate as it moves up or down?
    • Is your door making unusual noises like screeching or creaking sounds?
    • Does your door often become misaligned?

    If you answered yes to all questions, then it’s high time that you examine your rollers.

    A shaky and noisy garage door indicates that there is a problem with your garage door rollers.

    Your rollers may be unlubricated, rusty, bent, or worn out.

    Consult your trusted garage door technician on what to do with your rollers.

    But more often than not, they would suggest that you have your rollers replaced.

    Garage Door Roller Replacement

    Replacing your garage door rollers is a straightforward task.

    However, you should be wary of the safety risks of handling garage door repairs on your own.

    When in doubt, leave the task to certified garage door technicians.

    In any case, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to replace garage door rollers.

    Replacing The Topmost Rollers 

    1. Partially open your door. Secure the door with a clamp at the bottom of the door tracks about 1 foot from the floor.
    2. Use a pair of pliers to lightly bend the tracks. Be careful not to bend the tracks too much and cause damage. Note that you just want the rollers to easily go out of their tracks.
    3. Pop the rollers out of the tracks. Use a screwdriver to aid you in the process.
    4. Use a socket wrench and loosen the retaining bolts to the brackets or hinges securing your garage door rollers.
    5. Once the brackets are loose, slide the old garage door rollers out.
    6. Insert the new rollers with a little bit of WD-40 for lubrication.
    7. Secure the retaining brackets and pop in the rollers back in the tracks.

    Replacing The Middle Rollers

    1. Loosen the retaining bolts to the brackets holding your old garage door rollers.
    2. The rollers should effortlessly slide out of the brackets.
    3. Slide in the replacement garage door rollers.
    4. Spray WD-40 for lubrication.
    5. Screw back the bolts to your garage door roller brackets.

    Bottommost Rollers Replacement

    1. Put your door in the open position and secure it.
    2. Find a spot on the vertical tracks where you will warp the tracks to take the rollers out. Ideally, this area should be at your elbow height and in the middle of a track segment.
    3. Lightly bend the tracks with pliers.
    4. Manually lower the door so that the rollers are on the bent track portion.
    5. Next, force the rollers to go off-track.
    6. You can now loosen the retaining bolts and slide the rollers out of the brackets that hold them.
    7. Slide in your replacement rollers.
    8. Apply lubrication before securing your new garage door rollers.
    9. Insert the rollers back on the tracks.
    10. Finally, reshape your tracks so that they’re back to their correct configuration.

    Professional Garage Door Roller Replacement in Long Beach

    Do you notice any signs of worn, bent, or rusty rollers?

    Don’t delay!

    Call Long Beach Garage Door Repair for a prompt and timely garage door repair in Long Beach.

    Our technicians can quickly diagnose the source of your garage door problem after an initial inspection.

    From that, they will determine the most appropriate and practical solution for your garage door issue.

    Our default solution is to fix the damaged part of your door.

    However, we can also do parts replacement such as changing your garage door rollers.

    Aside from repair, we also offer garage door installation in Long Beach.

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    When it’s time, it’s time

    When it’s time to say goodbye to the rollers in the track, what should you do?

    All parts of a garage door will wear out over time.

    Rollers are no exception to this reality.

    As part of the mechanism that moves the sectional panels, the heavy door can cause damages to the roller.

    It’s best to learn how to replace garage door rollers to make sure that your garage has a working door all the time.

    You can’t risk damaged rollers giving out, especially as the door panels move up the tracks.

    It costs less to replace the rollers than to put your garage’s safety to compromise.

    Steps to replace the roller

    Start the roller replacement by buying the replacement rollers.

    Check the current rollers in the tracks and count the number of rollers present.

    If you plan to switch to another type of roller, there are other options available in the market.

    Step 1: Disconnect the panels from the opener

    When you replace the rollers, you need to open the garage manually.

    Disengage the sectional panels from the opener by pulling the emergency release cord.

    Turn off the door opener and lift the door panels upwards.

    Secure the bottom panel in the tracks by using a c-clamp.

    Step 2: Create a bend in the track

    Find a level height (preferably your elbow height) and create a bend in the seam.

    Pry a right angle (90-degree angle) in a spot in the vertical track using a pair of pliers.

    Do this for one side of the tracks first, and attend to the other side later.

    Avoid overbending the seam so you won’t create too much warp in that spot of the track.

    Step 3: Replace the bottom roller

    Loosen the c-clamp from the bottom panel and slide down the heavy door carefully.

    Make sure the bottom-most roller is on the bend of the seam.

    Hold the bottom panel with your non-dominant hand.

    Pop the current roller with a screwdriver and secure the replacement in place.

    Step 4: Continue replacing the other rollers

    Always make sure the current replacement is secure on its side.

    Slowly slide down the sectional panels as the next roller pops out of place.

    Replace the roller again and keep doing this until all rollers on one side already have a replacement.

    It’s best to work with someone assisting you; if not, you can use a horse saw for support.

    Step 5: Repair the seam of the track

    Once you replace all the rollers on one side, fix the bent seam.

    Using the pliers, pry the bend close and tightly in the tracks.

    Make sure the bend is tight so no rollers can pop out as it travels along the track.

    A loose seam can cause the door to come off the tracks.

    Step 6: Repeat the steps to the other side

    Lift the door along the tracks again.

    Do the same steps to the other side and replace the rollers securely.

    Once you finish the steps, re-engage the top-most panel to the opener.

    Test your work by opening the garage automatically.

    Roller replacement service in Long Beach

    Roller replacement can take some time to do.

    Since you’re dealing with individual rollers, each replacement can consume some time to finish.

    Moreover, having proper help in roller replacements can provide optimal support to the doors within the tracks.

    Remember, you’re taking out the rollers that move the sectional panels.

    With a missing roller, the garage door can be hefty in its place.

    If you’re looking for reliable service in Long Beach, don’t worry.

    We are Long Beach Garage Door Repair, and we offer roller replacement service to all residences and businesses in Long Beach.

    Always remember, we are here to offer you help and services in your garage.

    Book an appointment with our team

    There’s comfort in knowing that reliable services are available for you all the time.

    As such, here at Long Beach Garage Door Repair, we give affordable services to you.

    Part of our garage door repair in Long Beach is roller replacement.

    We also offer garage door installation in Long Beach if you decide that it’s time to upgrade to a new garage door.

    We are available 24/7 to accommodate various schedules.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us as we know how to replace garage door rollers efficiently.

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