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Garage Door Repairs FAQ

Are you looking for the best garage door repair company in Long Beach?

Long Beach Garage Door Repair is the answer.

We have highly qualified garage door technicians who have years of experience.

They are complete with the right tools and skills to finish garage door repair in Long Beach safely and efficiently.

Moreover, our team has the technical knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot, and prevent all sorts of garage door issues.

Here, our expert repairmen will answer the garage door repairs FAQ.

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What Are The Signs That I Need A Garage Door Repair?

Garage door problems come in many forms and stem from various reasons.

But there’s no need to worry because they are easy to identify, diagnose, and repair.

Here are some indications that a garage door checkup and repair is due.

  • production of unusual sounds like screeching and squeaking
  • shaky or excessive vibration
  • sticky or immobile garage door
  • rapid, slow, or uneven movement
  • damaged panels (dented, bent, broken, rusty, heavily scratched, and chipped panels)
  • safety reverse feature not working
  • garage door does not open or close normally
  • garage door gaps on the sides or at the bottom
  • loose cable and broken spring
  • worn-out rollers and damaged tracks

When Do I Need a Repair Vs a Replacement?

When you encounter a garage door problem, you should carefully think about your course of action.

Either a garage door repair and replacement is a viable option.

However, which one is more practical?

More often than not, an improperly-working garage door only needs repair.

Hence, you should try to troubleshoot the issue.

If that was unsuccessful, you can try replacing the damaged and defective parts.

No available replacement parts, extremely old garage doors, and desire to upgrade all call for a new installation.

How Much Does A Garage Door Repair Cost?

Garage door repair costs range between $125 and $300 depending on different factors.

These factors include the type of garage door you own, the specific garage door issue that you need to address, and whether you need parts replacement or not.

If you live in Long Beach, contact Long Beach Garage Door Repair to get a quote for our service.

We guarantee you that we are always transparent in our pricing and we don’t charge additional fees.

Can I DIY Repair My Garage Door?

Some garage door repairs are easy, like when you need to fix a dented panel or adjust the safety sensors.

In most cases, however, repairs can be difficult and dangerous.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you contact a professional technician to help you.

Working around your garage door without technical expertise can be deadly.

You could get injured or incur damages to your property if you don’t obey safety measures.

Do I Need To Replace Both My Springs?

No rule says you should replace both springs even if only one of them breaks.

However, it’s one of the best practices when repairing your garage door springs.

To ensure that your door stays balanced, you should replace both your torsion and extension springs.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening or Closing Properly?

A garage door opener issue can prevent your garage door from opening or closing the way it should.

The open or close limit switch may not be set properly and need adjusting.

There could also be a problem with the safety sensors, that’s why your garage door automatically goes up.

Aside from door opener issues, damaged tracks and worn rollers could also jam your door.

Damaged spring system and cable also cause improper door opening and closing.

Who Should I Call in Long Beach To Fix My Garage Door?

Without a doubt, Long Beach Garage Door Repair should be your first call for professional garage door services.

We have been conducting garage door repairs in Long Beach for many years.

This experience, together with our commitment to provide expert repair services, is what builds our reputation.

We are known for the quality, efficiency, and safety of our garage door repair and installation.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need emergency garage door solutions in the area.

Our team is always ready for your call.

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