How To Adjust Garage Door Cables

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    Garage door cables, which connect to the torsion springs, play a vital role in counterbalancing your door’s weight.

    In other words, they are the mechanism that evenly lifts and lowers your door.

    Garage door cables also have a safety purpose.

    In the event that your garage door spring breaks, the safety cables will prevent the spring from recoiling.

    Therefore, even if your spring fails, you won’t get injured nor incur property damage.

    Garage door cable adjustment is necessary if your cables have become loose.

    Weak cable tension means your door is at risk of collapsing.

    For your guidance, we will discuss how to adjust garage door cables in this article.

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    When Do You Need To Adjust Your Garage Door Cables?

    Some indications that you need to check your garage door cables and have them repaired are:

    Loose Cables

    You can identify if a cable adjustment is due by visually examining your garage door cables.

    If the cables are drooping or out of the cable drum, that means that the tension is weak.

    Don’t try to use your garage door and call a repairman immediately.

    Grinding or Squeaking Noises

    Do you hear grinding or squeaking sounds as your door goes up or down?

    This indicates a flaw in the cable bearings, where the garage door cables travel through.

    Worn-out bearings could also lead to visible damages to your cables.

    Furthermore, the friction between the cable and bearings may produce a smoky odor.

    Unbalanced Movement

    If your garage door is not moving evenly, there might be damage to its cable system.

    A loose or broken cable could cause your door’s alignment to be off and give it a hard time moving up or down.

    A Loud Bang

    When your spring or cable snaps, it’s usually accompanied by a loud bang due to the release of spring tension.

    In that event, don’t operate your door; more so go near it as it could be extremely dangerous.

    Call your technician right away to assess and fix the problem.

    Malfunctioning Garage Door

    In general, if your garage door is not working properly, you should check your garage door cables.

    Loose cables can cause your door to vibrate or shake as it opens or closes.

    They could also slow or hasten your door’s movement.

    If you encounter any of these garage door cable issues, you should scrutinize the situation and adjust your cables.

    Properly Adjusting Your Garage Door Cables

    Correct garage door cable adjustment is vital to ensure your safety and the integrity of your garage door.

    To help you, here are step-by-step instructions on how to adjust garage door cables.

    1. Put your garage door in the close position.
    1. Pull the release cord on the bottom of the trolley track on your garage ceiling.

    This step should disconnect the door from the opener.

    1. Next, manually lift your garage door as high as it can go.
    1. For your safety, clamp the door below the lowest rollers so that it doesn’t crash down.
    1. If the cables went out of the drum or pulley, wind it back as tightly as possible.

    Manually wrap the cable around the pulley.

    1. Lower your garage door and then make adjustments for the tension of the spring.

    Use 18-inch steel rods to adjust the torsion spring tension.

    1. Reconnect the door to the garage door opener.
    1. Test your newly adjusted cables by closing the door.

    If you’ve adjusted your garage door cables successfully, no gaps should be present at the bottom of the door.

    Open and close your door a couple of times to check.


    Garage door cable maintenance is vital to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your garage door.

    That’s why you need to keep an eye on the crucial components of your garage door.

    Besides cables, that includes your spring system, garage door opener, rollers, and tracks.

    Basically, you need to maintain every component of your garage door.

    Providing expert garage door care and services in Long Beach is Long Beach Garage Door Repair.

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