Garage Door Spring Replacement

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    When a garage door moves to open and close, it counts as one cycle.

    The average serviceable life of a garage door spring is about 10,000 cycles.

    But some heavy-duty springs can function for a longer period than the average.

    Frequently used garage door springs will eventually wear out, and you can’t prevent this from happening.

    As time goes by, you’ll need to have a garage door spring replacement to keep your entire overhead door system running smoothly.

    Replacing your garage door spring in a timely manner will help you avoid any unnecessary issues with your garage door.

    Since the springs are essential to your garage door, giving support to the entire system, it’s also important that you provide extra attention to its upkeep.

    Depending on the material used, garage doors can be extremely heavy.

    That’s why the springs are there to help you lift the door much easier.

    When there’s a problem with the spring, it will be hard for you to move your garage door.

    In worst cases, it might cause accidents that may lead to injuries and major damages.

    Hence, before anything drastic happens, you must have your overhead door checked regularly and see if it’s time for you to get a garage door spring replacement.

    When to Replace Your Garage Door Spring

    You may notice some indications telling you that your garage door spring needs a replacement.

    Often, the signs are more evident that you won’t have to thoroughly inspect the entire system to know if there’s something wrong with the springs.

    Damaged springs may be easy to spot just by looking at the components.

    If you ever suspect that your garage door springs are due for replacement, don’t think twice and let the experts examine and evaluate the situation for you.

    Here are some indications that you need a garage door spring replacement:

    • Your garage door is difficult or feels heavier to lift
    • Garage door’s unusual slow movement
    • Loud noises when opening or closing the garage door
    • Loose cables supporting the springs
    • Your garage door is old and has worn out

    Once you’ve noticed any of these, take action right away and don’t delay the inspection and replacement service.

    Taking timely and appropriate action is the best way to prevent more damages and major repairs.

    Besides, knowing that it’s time to replace your garage door springs is something that you must not overlook.

    Keep in mind that the springs are essential parts of your entire garage door system.

    Once it incurs damages, you’ll have to face all the consequences of your untimely actions.

    You may watch this video for a quick guide on replacing a garage door spring.

    Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement Service in Long Beach

    Before calling the experts, there are some things you have to do in order to keep everything in your garage area safe.

    Keep your valuables away from the garage door, and don’t let anyone come near it.

    A garage door with a broken spring brings a considerable danger to the people around as the spring may suddenly fly out anywhere.

    It can injure anyone near the area, so be careful when dealing with a broken spring.

    You also need to limit your garage door use or cut your garage door system’s power and shut it down for safety purposes.

    Call for an emergency inspection and garage door spring replacement in Long Beach.

    You can book a professional service at Long Beach Garage Doors anytime.

    There is no need to look further for the best garage door spring replacement as we serve your entire neighborhood around the clock.

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    With us, you can get fast, efficient, safe, and cost-saving garage door spring replacement without going the extra mile.

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