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    Garage Door Opener Repair

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    One of the crucial components of your home or commercial space is your garage door.

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    It provides extra security through its automated opener system.

    Your garage door opener is the central part of your overhead door system.

    This specialized component has many intricate pieces that work together to provide your garage door an automated function.

    It’s the one responsible for the movement of your garage door up and down through a button.

    A garage door opener provides your commercial space or home a different level of convenience, especially in urgent situations.

    However, such a component will need repair as it can’t avoid normal wear and tear.

    Instances happen when you push the button, and nothing happens with your garage door.

    This situation might mean that your opener has a problem.

    For your garage door opener repair in Long Beach, seek only the experts’ assistance.

    Fixing Different Garage Door Openers

    Many things can cause your garage door opener to malfunction.

    It might be due to weather, normal wear and tear, impact, and others.

    While several factors affect the condition of your garage door opener, damages may vary depending on the type of opener.

    There are various garage door opener types available in the market today.

    Each opener has its unique feature and mechanism, although they serve the same function.

    This also means that each of them can incur similar but also different issues with their systems.

    Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

    This opener functions with a synthetic rubber belt that needs proper and timely maintenance to keep the system in good shape.

    Once there are damages on the belt, it will make a squeaky noise and be much prone to misalignment.

    You may ask for professional assistance or turn to the manufacturer’s manual to properly care for your belt drive garage door opener.

    Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

    Unlike the belt drive opener, this type of garage door opener uses a chai to lift the metal connected to your garage door.

    Any issues on the chain mechanism will lead to a faulty garage door opener system.

    Some common concerns with a chain drive garage door opener are dirty chains and jerking doors.

    It’s essential to keep the chains clean so that the opener system can work without any problem.

    Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

    This model of garage door opener uses a moving motor to move the garage door.

    Its motor moves along the track and only makes little to no noise at all.

    You may consider it as the opposite of the two previous models.

    However, it’s much more costly than the regular garage door opener.

    Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

    Screw drive garage door openers are a more silent type of opener.

    This model operates with lesser noise compared to belt and chain drive openers.

    It has a long screw or metal rod that turns through a chamber when lifting the garage door.

    A screw that fails to turn will result in many issues.

    Why You Need a Garage Door Opener Repair

    Any loose or malfunctioning components in your garage door system impose a significant threat to its functionality.

    Besides, it can hamper your day and delay your daily or important activities.

    Hence, you’ll have to seek help for a garage door opener repair in Long Beach right away.

    Doing so will lessen the burden and get rid of many inconveniences on the way.

    Remember that it’s not advisable to repair your garage door opener issues on your own, as you’ll be putting yourself in trouble.

    Call Long Beach Garage Doors instead for a quick, safe, and efficient fixing of your broken opener.

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    Our company is one of the outstanding teams you can ever count on for any garage door repair in Long Beach.

    You won’t have any issues with our team. We have a wide experience dealing with garage doors, from residential to commercial.

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