How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    Garage door gaps can mess with the appearance of your garage door.

    Regardless if you installed a well-designed door, the unnecessary gaps on your door will steal the show.

    And due to the eye-catching quality of the gaps, they compromise your security.

    Burglars may see that as an invitation to enter your property without your knowledge.

    Hence, you should always make sure that your door is tightly shut when closed.

    There shouldn’t be any unwanted space on the side or at the bottom of your garage door.

    If you notice a gap, this guide on how to adjust a garage door gap should help you deal with the situation.

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    How To Fix Garage Door Gaps

    Gaps can occur on the sides or at the bottom of your garage door.

    Their presence can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal.

    Not only that, but garage door gaps can also put your security at risk.

    Intruders will take advantage of the space on your door to gain access to your home.

    Besides people, pesky pests could also seize the opportunity to dwell in a safe and warm home.

    Roaches, mice, and rats could enter through the spaces on your door.

    And once they’re inside your house, they can be extremely difficult to evict.

    How to adjust a garage door gap?

    Here are some methods to deal with intolerable spaces on your door.

    Replace The Rubber Door Stops

    The sides of your garage door have a protective rubber seal called stops.

    This acts as a weather seal to protect the inside of your garage from weather damage.

    If you have broken or improperly aligned garage door stops, a gap on the side of your door may emerge.

    If so, you have to adjust the stops closer to the tracks or replace them.

    Uneven Garage Door

    Garage doors that are not aligned properly can produce gaps on the side and at the bottom of the door.

    The vertical tracks that guide your door may cause this imbalance.

    To repair the issue, open your garage door and secure it in that position.

    Unscrew the mounting bolts holding your tracks.

    Then, adjust the tracks to move them closer to your garage door stops.

    Finally, tighten the bolts back and test your garage door to see if there are still gaps present.

    Wrong Limit Switch Setting

    Sometimes, bottom garage door gaps are caused by your close limit switch settings.

    If you have a bottom gap, perform some adjustments on the limit switch of your garage door opener.

    Calibrate it properly so that the weather seal at the bottom of your garage door sits flush to the ground.

    Damaged Bottom Weather Seal

    After some time, the weather seal at the bottom of your garage door will wear out.

    Pests can eat the seal away causing the seal to break or disappear.

    Replacing your garage door weather seal can quickly fix the issue.

    Bottom Door Panel Damage

    Bottom garage door gaps can occur if you have a dented or chipped garage door.

    If you have a wooden door, reshaping it may do the trick.

    You can use a saw to cut your door to remove the gaps.

    If you don’t have a garage door that’s made out of wood, you can do a garage door replacement.

    Garage Floor Settling

    In some cases, the problem is not with your garage door but the ground.

    At some point, your garage floor may begin to settle or sink, causing a bottom gap on your door.

    Adjusting the close limit switch may do the trick.

    Another fool-proof technique is to compensate for the settling by adding concrete to the floor or installing a threshold.


    Spaces and gaps should not be part of anyone’s garage door.

    If you notice unusual gaps on your garage door edges or base, contact Long Beach Garage Door Repair.

    Our licensed and professional repairmen can do your garage door repair in Long Beach.

    We provide a wide range of garage door solutions for residential and commercial areas.

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