How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    Poor garage door opener reception is a common problem that many garage owners face.

    If you encounter this problem, you won’t enjoy the convenience of having an automatic garage door.

    Rather, it’s replaced with trouble and frustration.

    When your opener signal strength is weak, you’ll keep pressing your remote as you move closer to your garage door.

    This totally defeats the purpose of having a remote-controlled garage door.

    How to improve garage door opener reception?

    Find out the answer to this question below.

    We’ll also tackle the various factors that influence the signal strength of your garage door.

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    Why Does Your Garage Door Opener Have Poor Reception?

    Weak garage door signal strength is influenced by various factors.

    Prominent among these factors is aging.

    When you first bought your automatic garage door opener, you were probably amazed that you could operate it with a remote key.

    Even if you were a few meters away from your door, you could click the remote and your door would open.

    However, over time, the effectiveness of your garage door remote depreciates.

    Besides having a worn remote, other possible causes for a poor garage door opener reception include:

    • Interference from other electrical devices
    • Antenna position
    • Opener remote batteries out of juice
    • Out of garage door opener range

    How To Boost The Signal Strength Of Your Garage Door Opener

    You now have an idea of the different reasons why you’re experiencing a weak door opener range.

    Now’s the time for us to solve these weak reception issues.

    Below are some troubleshooting methods on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    Replace The Batteries Of Your Garage Door Remote

    If you encounter problems with your door opener reception, you should check the remote batteries first.

    A remote battery that is out of juice is a common issue faced by garage owners who overlook the battery’s age.

    That’s why they don’t anticipate when their remote will stop working.

    If the batteries are the culprit for your garage door opener’s poor range, the easy fix is to replace them.

    But, if you still face the same problem after battery replacement, then try doing any of the following methods.

    Set Up An Antenna Extension

    The purpose of setting up an antenna extension is to increase the range of your garage door opener.

    You can ask a professional technician to help you install the best antenna extension for your opener.

    Move Your Antenna Away From Interferences

    Fluorescent and LED light fixtures, TV cables, chargers, smart systems, and security alarms —

    These are just some electrical devices that can interfere with the signal of your opener remote projects.

    In that event, your door opener will have a hard time recognizing the command that your garage door remote has sent.

    One way to repair this issue is to reposition your garage door opener antenna.

    Relocate it to a place away from obstructions that decrease the signal strength of your remote.

    This entails moving the parts of your garage door opener so it’s ideal that you consult with your local technician.

    Replace Your Door Remote

    It’s common for old garage door opener remote to have poor signal strength.

    That’s due to the fact that the components of your remote will wear out eventually.

    Consequently, this will affect the operation and range of your remote.

    To determine if that’s the cause of your issue, you need to contact a garage door technician.

    They have the specialized equipment to diagnose issues with garage doors.

    Because of that, they can effectively resolve your problem.


    If your garage door remote range and performance have been constantly decreasing, it’s high time that you have your garage door checked.

    To provide you with expert assistance in Long Beach, call Long Beach Garage Door Repair.

    Our team of technicians is complete with professional-grade tools and expert training.

    They can conduct excellent service for all types of garage door repairs in Long Beach.

    Call us now, and let us resolve your garage door issues within the same day.

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