How To Open a Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    How To Open a Garage Door Manually From Outside

    Nowadays, most garage doors depend on electricity to operate.

    They usually work through a remote to lift the panels at a certain distance, depending on the opener’s frequency.

    However, if garage doors are power-operated, how do you open them during a power outage?

    You don’t need to wait for the power to come back.

    Here are the steps on how to open a garage door manually from outside:

    Step #1: Find the Emergency Release Lock

    Most garage doors have an emergency release kit installed in their system.

    It consists of a lock and a key.

    The lock is usually located at the top and center of the garage door.

    It stores the emergency cable.

    The key, on the other hand, should always be with you.

    Step #2: Unlock Using the Appropriate Key

    After locating the emergency release lock, insert the key and turn it.

    Pull out the lock tumbler to see the emergency cable.

    The emergency cable will put your garage door into manual mode.

    And by pulling that cord, the motor will disengage

    Step #3: Lift the Garage Door

    After unlocking the emergency release kit, lift the door with your hands.

    Make sure it goes all the way up.

    Drive your car inside and close the garage door after.

    Make sure it closes tightly.

    Step #4: Re-engage the Release Mechanism

    To re-engage the release mechanism, push the lever upward through climbing a ladder or using a long stick.

    Or you can also pull the release cable upward and toward the door until you hear a click.

    Check out this video on how to open a garage door manually from outside so that you can visualize these steps better.

    Safety Precautions in Opening a Garage Door Manually

    Like any other activities, you need to be careful when opening your garage door manually. Here are some safety precautions you should follow:

    Never pull out the emergency cord if the garage door is open. In this situation, the garage door can become a falling hazard and cause injuries.

    Unplug the garage door from the electrical system. You never know when the power is coming back, so it is essential to unplug it from the electrical system. In this way, you can avoid electric shock.

    Use flashlights at night. At night time, it is hard to distinguish mechanical parts. Thus, equip yourself with a flashlight to see things better.

    Test the garage door when the power comes back. As there are several alterations in your garage door’s system, test it out if it still operates well using the remote. If not, contact a technician for a garage door repair.

    When in doubt, get help. If you are unfit to open the garage door manually, ask for assistance from professionals.

    Reliable and Top-Rated Team of Technicians in Long Beach

    Note that the procedures on how to open a garage door manually from outside are only applicable when you have the emergency kit key.

    In case that you left it at home, or you lost it, you need to call for a team of garage door technicians.

    Long Beach Garage Doors has reliable and top-rated technicians who have the necessary knowledge on how to open a garage door manually from outside without a key.

    For years, we have developed up-to-date procedures to provide garage door services in the most efficient way possible.

    Some of our services in Long Beach are the following:

    Garage door installation
    • Garage door repair
    • Commercial roll-up tune-up

    • Track alignment
    • Broken spring repair
    • Roller replacement
    • Heavy-duty roll-up
    commercial garage door inspection

    We can cater to both residential and commercial establishments.

    So, whenever you need us, never hesitate to give us a call.

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