Garage Door Making Noise

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    Garage Door Making Noise

    Whether it’s squeaking, rattling, or grinding, a noisy garage door can cause a disturbance.

    Aside from the irksome sound, what’s even more concerning is that it indicates an underlying issue.

    We can’t keep our hardware seamless all the time since various factors can cause its deterioration every day.

    But with proper care, we can prevent it from malfunctioning at the most unexpected time.

    And the most effective solution to get rid of the unusual or disturbing sound is to resolve the problem right away.

    Dealing with the issue promptly helps you avoid causing further damage to the hardware which may result in costly repairs.

    Taking the necessary preventive measure also ensures the safety of the entire household.

    So, when you encounter any disturbing sound produced by your mechanical door, get it fixed without delay.

    Moreover, if you’re not confident to troubleshoot your hardware, call your nearby expert repairman.

    Long Beach Garage Doors specializes in getting your hardware back to its optimal condition.

    Let’s determine the causes why garage door makes noises and how to prevent them, including:

    Aging Hardware. Any mechanical object will deteriorate as they age. Along with its aging process, it encounters various harmful components every day that worsen its condition.

    Irregular maintenance. We are all aware of the fact that mechanical doors are composed of intricate parts and gears that require lubrication.

    Lubricant keeps your hardware seamless during operation and it also eliminates rust build-up.

    Worn-out Opener. The frequency of use and traction while lifting and lowering the panel wears out the opener’s elasticity over time.

    Loose parts. Daily tension and friction can loosen the bolts, nuts, chain, rollers, and the like which prompts your hardware to produce various unusual sounds.

    Wrong installation. Improper installation of the door panel can happen and the problem is beyond just an irksome noise. But it will also pose a safety risk.

    Poor insulation. After assessing the door and still can’t figure the cause of the problem–better get it insulated.

    The friction between the gears will produce a sound.

    Chances of the sound escaping are anticipated for a poorly insulated panel.

    If you think you can’t figure out why your hardware is producing these unusual sounds, call your nearby expert technician.

    Common Hardware Noise Problems

    As mentioned, our hardware will break down in one way or another.

    But with proper preventive measures, we can keep it in its seamless condition.

    Here’s a quick way to troubleshoot when your garage door is making a noise.

    When your garage door squeaks or grinding

    A squeaking or grinding hardware during opening and closing operation indicates your rollers need to be checked.

    Frequent movement wears out the rollers due to daily friction while facilitating the panel to lower or lift open.

    The most effective solution to eliminating the squeaking or grinding sound of the rollers is either to lubricate or replace them.

    Popping hardware sound

    The culprit for a popping sound is the torsion spring(s).

    If the torsion spring has worn out, you will hear a popping sound while prompting it to open.

    Lubricating a torsion spring requires technical skills.

    But if you’re confident to undertake this task, then, do so with due precedence to safety.

    Loud crashing sound

    If you hear a loud crashing sound from the garage, it’s likely the torsion has finally snapped.

    You need to call for technical assistance as the job requires to be resolved by a professional overhead door repairman.

    If these quick fixes didn’t provide the required solution to your problem, we have a team of expert technicians to resolve it right away!

    The next time you will encounter any of these irksome noises, you will know the necessary steps to undertake.

    Trust us to get them fixed in no time! In every problem, we have a solution.

    Talk to us today!

    Bottom Line

    When your hardware is not in its ideal condition, don’t wait for it to break down at the most inconvenient hours.

    When the hardware stops working, it can mean extensive damages which may result in costly repairs.

    To avoid any of these unnecessary troubles in the future, get your hardware checked regularly.

    Garage doors are bound to wear out and lose their seamless condition over time due to frequency of use.

    Moreover, providing it with regular upkeep prolongs the hardware and eliminates unnecessary repairs.

    Book us for repairs, maintenance, and installation anywhere in Long Beach today!

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