Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    In any home or commercial property, an overhead door has provided us ultimate convenience.

    However, we only get to notice the hardware’s importance when it has stopped functioning.

    Our garage door is just like any ordinary home appliance that requires basic upkeep.

    Preventive maintenance is the key element in keeping the hardware in its best condition.

    Physically assessing our hardware allows us to detect any signs of damage at the earliest stage.

    So, for those running a busy lifestyle, and routine check is the least of their priorities, leave it to the experts!

    Long Beach Garage Doors specializes in keeping your hardware in its ideal and functional condition.

    If you can’t find time in your busy schedule to perform a routine check, call us! We will be right there in no time! Meanwhile, allow us to show you our garage door maintenance checklist.

    How Often Should I Perform Routine Maintenance?

    Technically, routine maintenance should be done twice a year or every six months.

    Moreover, it will also depend on the hardware’s frequency of use, leaving you to perform it if deemed necessary.

    Meaning, preventive measures should be customized to your facility.

    For instance, a commercial door in warehouses or logistics businesses; that hardware receives a significant amount of wear.

    Therefore, the owner should schedule the preventive maintenance check every three months.

    Enacting basic upkeep yields great benefits.

    Aside from the money-saving gains, routine check increases the hardware’s performance.

    So, do not ignore the single most important element of your hardware for seamless and fully functional hardware.

    Our Quick-Start Preventive Maintenance Guide

    Some owners find preventive maintenance check tedious and time-consuming.

    But the rationale behind this taxing job is that you don’t know where to start.

    Moreover, with this easy-to-follow garage door maintenance checklist, you will find this strenuous task a breeze.

    1. Perform a visual assessment of the hardware

    First, make sure to close the hardware all the way down.

    Aside from allowing you to marvel at your hardware’s beauty, this allows you to physically check the garage door’s components.

    Then, assess the panel by visually checking it from top to bottom and on each side.

    Take note of signs of damage on the springs, cables, rollers, garage door motor and opener, pulley, hinges.

    Make sure to take note of what needs to be replaced and repaired.

    But if you can’t determine their status, better call for technical assistance in Long Beach.

    2. Lubricate the moving components

    Lubrication is the single most important key in preserving the moving components of the hardware.

    These moving elements receive a substantial amount of friction every day.

    Lubricants make the moving parts preserve their working condition.

    3. Check the chain or belt drive

    The chain or belt drive receives as much wear as the moving parts of the hardware.

    Due to everyday friction, the drive and trolley will accumulate rust or will likely corrode eventually.

    Therefore, make sure the device will receive high-quality silicone-based lubricant.

    Do not over-apply the grease to avoid dust particles sticking on the drive.

    4. Assess the weatherstripping

    Usually, we often ignore the importance of our weatherstripping.

    Aside from sealing the gaps, it keeps foreign elements from entering the garage.

    Check the status and replace accordingly especially if your garage is connected to the main house to save you on the over-consumption of electricity.

    5. Check the reversal system

    This test will check the status of your hardware’s reversal system or closing mechanism is working.

    First, prompt open the door panel.

    Next, place an object on the floor–under the panel’s path at the center of the threshold.

    Then, press the button to lower the hardware.

    If the door panel retracted even before hitting the ground–then, it’s working.

    However, check the safety sensors for obstruction and remove or wipe them down.

    Otherwise, call for technical assistance in Long Beach.

    6. Check the balance test

    For owners with an automatic opener, make sure to disconnect the device before you proceed with the balance test.

    Once you can manually operate the door, open the panel halfway.

    Hold the panel in a half-open position then release.

    What we want to see in this test is after releasing the door, it should remain in an open position.

    However, if it does the opposite, replace the torsion spring accordingly.

    Hire the Expert Technicians in Long Beach!

    The garage door maintenance checklist serves as a guide for an easier way of performing a basic upkeep check.

    And as you go along the way, make sure to take note if there’s any presence of serious damages.

    For seamless and high-performing hardware, do not hesitate to call for technical support.

    Our line is open 24/7 to accommodate all your garage door repair needs in Long Beach.

    Book us so you can enjoy our perks and great deals that await you!

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