Installing a New Garage Door in Long Beach

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    Installing a New Garage Door in Long Beach

    Are you having problems with your garage door these days?

    Or the more important question is, do you feel secure with your garage door?

    If not, replacing it may be the best option.

    A garage door is an essential part of our property.

    It protects our vehicles from damages and secures them from unwanted individuals.

    In this day, however, it is more than that.

    A modern-style garage door needs to complement the overall appearance of the house.

    It adds aesthetic and property value, which can be beneficial in the future.

    Like any other area, households in Long Beach use garage doors for their cars’ security.

    However, through time, garage doors will wear and tear.

    Thus, the need for installing a new garage door is imperative.

    Signs for Installing a New Garage Door

    May it be from accidents or due to aging; a garage door will manifest signs of damage. Some can be more obvious than others.

    You need to assess if a garage door repair will be necessary or if it needs replacement altogether.

    Here are some signs to look for installing a new garage door:

    • There are sagging parts in the garage door.
    • The material, especially wood, is intensely deteriorating, rotting, or rusting.
    • There is a repeated noise or shaking whenever you open or close it.
    • There is a need to upgrade the design of the house.
    • The garage door is too difficult to close or open.

    Can I DIY the Garage Door Installation?

    Installing a new garage door is no easy task.

    From removing the old one to drilling the parts – these tasks require licensed individuals who know the safety regulations in installing a garage door.

    It is best to leave it to an expert to avoid accidents from happening.

    However, you can always help in the planning stage and input your ideas.

    In this way, you will have no regrets when you see the final output.

    How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Garage Door?

    Installing a new garage door in Long Beach depends on the material, size, and labor hours.

    Typically, you can expect to spend more than $1200 for both the garage door and installation or about $250-$500 for the installation alone.

    Since the price varies, it is essential to call them first and choose which the best is for you.

    But, a friendly reminder: more often than not, a well-established company is better than the ones that offer lower prices.

    Affordable Garage Door Installation in Long Beach

    If you reside in Long Beach and you need a reputable and well-established garage door service provider. We are just one call away!

    Long Beach Garage Doors have a team of skilled and expert garage door technicians who can give the best yet affordable services.

    Our customers are our number one priority.

    So, we always bring our A-game, no matter how trivial or extensive the task is.

    Our services include:
    Garage Door Repair
    • Resident
    ial and Commercial Garage Door Installation
    • Replacement of Overhead Door Track
    • Inspection and Maintenance of Garage Doors

    Safe and Efficient Garage Door Installation

    Installing a new garage door requires an expert’s touch.

    Even removing the old garage door can pose a risk.

    Leave everything to our top-rated staffs who have trained for several years to the job safe and efficient.

    We equip ourselves with the right tools and devices to avoid accidents and faults at work.

    Long Beach Garage Doors will undoubtedly ensure your safety during our time of work.

    For years now, we have developed a trusting relationship with our clients.

    We also prioritize your convenience, so we are available around the clock to answer your questions and garage door needs.

    We are Just One Call Away

    We understand how broken garage doors can be a hassle, especially if you want to secure your cars and other garage belongings.

    Installing a new garage door in Long Beach is at your fingertips.

    Our team is always ready to come to your place whenever you need us.

    Also, in case of a garage door crisis, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.

    We will provide a detailed breakdown of what you need, with no hidden charges.

    Don’t just settle for good, but the best.

    For a top-rated garage door installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance – don’t hesitate to contact us.

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