How To Maintain Your Garage Door

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    How To Maintain Your Garage Door

    How To Maintain Your Garage Door

    The garage door is the epitome of convenience and comfort with only a tap of a button.

    Aside from its serviceability qualities, the hardware keeps our valuables safe and protected from manic weather.

    That’s why giving it proper care is essential in keeping its hardware in good condition.

    Garage doors are just like our home appliance that needs regular upkeep.

    But if you don’t know where to start, we will show you our effective garage door maintenance checklist.

    Moreover, if you can’t keep up with the upkeep needs of your hardware, don’t shy away from the experts.

    Long Beach Garage Doors offers extensive services from repairs, installations, and maintenance needs.

    We assure you that when you call for our services, we can resolve them fast and efficiently.

    How Often Should I Perform Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance should be done every six months or twice a year.

    However, depending on the frequency of use, lubricate the hardware as necessary.

    Proper lubrication will help preserve your garage door in its best condition.

    For homeowners that can’t keep up with the hardware’s demands, entrust them to the experts in Long Beach.

    Our Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    The easiest and cheapest way to keep your hardware in its working condition is to give its basic maintenance needs.

    Moreover, to ensure its effectiveness, preventive maintenance should be done regularly.

    By performing the upkeep properly, you’re guaranteed that your hardware will last and even pass its life span.

    Check out the following garage door maintenance checklist listed below.

    1. Do a visual assessment

    From inside the garage, make sure to close the door panel completely.

    This will allow you to see the hardware in its panoramic view from top to bottom and on each side.

    Then, pay attention closely to the hardware and locate the source of the issue, if ever there is one.

    Check the moving parts, are they loose or covered with rust?

    Visual assessment will help you determine whether you need to call for technical assistance or simply do basic upkeep.

    2. Tighten the loose parts

    To eliminate the rattling sound, make sure to tighten any loose parts e.g. hinges, bolts, nuts, etc.

    3. Test the door’s balance

    The frequency of use, tension, and friction makes the garage door panel lose its balance.

    If you continue to use an off-balance door, this will put the opener under a lot of stress. As a result, it will leave your opener damaged.

    4. Replace the rollers if necessary

    Rollers are among the major parts of the hardware that bears the panel’s weight.

    Meaning, they are prone to damage owing to the friction and tension it receives.

    If there’s any presence of cracks or any deformities, replace them accordingly.

    5. Check the springs

    Springs receive a significant amount of tension owing to their function to the overall mechanism of the hardware.

    Check for gaps or any anomalies and replace accordingly. Moreover, we strongly recommend technical support in replacing a broken spring.

    6. Lubricate the moving parts

    Over time, rust and corrosion will accumulate on the moving parts.

    Lubricating the moving parts will resolve the problem.

    Make sure to use a lithium-based or silicone lubricant to effectively remove the rust build-up.

    7. Check the garage door tracks

    Remove any dust or particles to ensure the panel is traversing smoothly on a clean track.

    Check for signs of damage such as bent or cracks. If it’s off-track, adjust accordingly.

    Call for assistance from a trusted service provider.

    Bottom Line

    Preventive maintenance is a key element in keeping the garage door seamless and fully functional.

    Following our garage door maintenance checklist, it will help you preserve the condition of your hardware.

    For comprehensive maintenance services in Long Beach, don’t hesitate to call for technical assistance.

    We deeply understand your concerns and your safety is our utmost priority.

    We Are Your Partner Technician in Long Beach

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