Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

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    Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors Repair

    Some businesses need a storage area for their goods.

    And to ensure their facilities’ security, a garage door designed for their specific business needs is crucial.

    Unlike the typical garage doors found in residential areas, commercial establishments require more durable and flexible garage doors.

    As industries work on a 24/7 schedule to generate more profit, their commercial garage doors experience opening and closing more often than household garage doors.

    Thus, a commercial garage door should be designed in a way that it can handle every day wear and tear but should also keep a smoother mechanism.

    Commercial Overhead Door vs. Roll-Up Commercial Garage Door

    There are different types of commercial garage doors available in the market.

    Probably, the most common is the overhead door, which is similar to most household garage doors.

    It works by lifting the panel manually or through a motor with a remote.

    A roll-up commercial garage door, on the other hand, is a more specialized door that coils inside a small space at the top.

    Most of the time, it uses steel as a material – making it fire-resistant and a good insulator.

    Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Garage Doors

    A roll-up commercial garage door can be further classified depending on the use.

    Those that store high-valued items need more security.

    And this is where a heavy-duty roll-up garage door comes into play.

    A heavy-duty roll-up garage door is exceptional because it uses the following to improve performance:

    • Springs with a more high-cycle life
    • Sturdier brackets
    • High-strength and engineered materials
    • Quality and durable mechanical parts

    And if you are wondering where you can see a heavy-duty roll-up garage door, it is typically used in:

    • Warehouses
    • Loading docks
    • Storage facilities
    • Data centers
    • Freight establishments
    • Distribution centers

    If you want to put up a heavy-duty roll-up garage door, you should contact experts to conduct garage door installation.

    Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Just like any other garage door, a heavy-duty roll-up is also not exempted from damages, especially if accidents occur.

    Minor dents can be tolerable.

    But once a significant part of the system is not functioning, you should resolve it right away.

    If ignored, your door’s overall performance can be severely affected—which may later affect your business’ outputs.

    As the garage door works by a complicated mechanism, it is best to call for a professional technician to perform a heavy-duty roll-up commercial garage door repair.

    Expert and Friendly Garage Door Technicians in Long Beach

    We understand how a broken commercial garage door can be a burden to your business.

    So, if you need any help here in Long Beach, we are just one call away.

    Long Beach Garage Doors has a team of friendly and expert technicians who prioritize your garage door concerns first above all else.

    We have studied and trained for years to conduct heavy-duty roll-up commercial garage door repair tailored to your needs.

    Our wide range of services includes but not limited to:

    • Household garage door installation
    • Commercial garage door installation
    • Broken garage door repair
    • Garage door inspection
    • Spring
    , cable, and roller replacement
    • Dent repair
    • Misaligned door tracks fix
    We guarantee to provide you with excellent yet affordable services in Long Beach.

    From simple inspection up to a garage door installation, we will give you honest prices.

    In case of emergency, you can always rely on us since we are available 24 hours a day.

    Our staff will gladly assist you with your concerns – no matter how small or big they are.

    Quick and Safe Garage Door Services in Long Beach

    A heavy-duty roll-up commercial garage door repair is an easy task for us.

    We have developed modern methods to conduct our services quickly and efficiently.

    We will arrive at your door with the appropriate tools, equipment, and gear to finish the job safely.

    Our team has studied work safety regulations to avoid accidents from happening.

    After your call, we will dispatch a skillful technician at the earliest time possible.

    Our customers’ satisfaction is vital for us.

    So, when you have concerns regarding our work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    For years, Long Beach Garage Doors is one of the most trusted garage door service providers in town.

    So if you have garage door issues that need an immediate fix, you can always rely on us.

    We guarantee that you will have no regrets.

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