Garage Door Dent Repair

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    Garage Door Dent Repair

    A small dent in your garage door might not be a problem for now.

    But as soon as it causes further damage and affects the overall system, it can be already too late for repair.

    Of course, we want to opt for a garage door dent repair than replacing the unit itself.

    It is much cheaper and more manageable than purchasing a new garage door.

    Furthermore, you will benefit in the future if you fix your dented garage door now, especially if you have a plan to sell your property.

    So it is crucial to look for initial damages on our garage door than to suffer financially later.

    Evaluate the Damage

    Bumping accidents may cause dents on your garage door, especially if it is made of aluminum.

    Before considering repair, check out first if it affects the overall mechanism of the garage door.

    Cases, such as stones hitting the garage door, might be alright.

    But, when a car accidentally bumps into the garage door, it is a different story.

    It could bring significant damages that may affect the condition of the garage door.

    You can evaluate the damage through the following steps:

    • Examine the condition of springs and cables.
    • Check the tracks of the rollers.
    • Test if the door opens or closes properly.
    • For automatic garage door
    s, test if the sensors are still working.
    • If there is no initial damage, observe at least a day or two if it functions correctly.

    When you have doubts, don’t hesitate to call an expert technician for an in-depth inspection.

    See What You Can Do

    You can do some garage door dent repairs, but only the minor ones.

    Check out this video on how to remove minor dents using aluminum foil, lighter, and compressed air.

    Garage door repair depends on the material of the door.

    Aluminum can be the easiest to repair.

    Meanwhile, steel and wood require some professional skills.

    In case of serious issues, such as broken springs, dislocated rollers, and a damaged mechanical system, call for a technician to conduct a garage door dent repair right away.

    Also, don’t forget to call your home insurance company if you have one.

    They can cover the repair or replacement costs needed.

    If your car is affected as well, contact your auto insurance company.

    Garage Door Maintenance After Repair

    Whether you have solved your garage door issues or you have called a specialist, its welfare will depend on the maintenance after repair.

    A garage door that has undergone intensive repair in the past needs regular checking to avoid further damage in the future.

    Here are some maintenance tasks to conduct:

    Examine the garage door. Look for signs of dents, cracks, deterioration, or rot. If present, solve these issues right away to avoid more problems in the long run.

    Inspect parts regularly. Hinges, springs, rollers, screws, and other hardware should have a regular check-up. Remember that when supports malfunction, they can cause accidents and property damages.

    Change automatic opener batteries. Batteries last for a specific period. In the case of automatic openers, changing them at least once a year is enough.

    Lubricate when necessary. When your garage door is hard to open or close, lubricating the rollers or their path might help.

    Clean the door. Clean the door with a detergent or soap once in a while. Use a regular hose for rinsing to avoid peeling off its paint.

    Garage Door Dent Repair in Long Beach

    Garage door dent repair requires experts in the field to fix the issue without faults.

    Long Beach Garage Doors offers comprehensive inspection and repair services in the Long Beach area.

    For years, we have established a reputable name and unrivaled garage door services.

    Our expert technicians have undergone training to bring quality outputs to our customers.

    We always prioritize your safety, so whenever you feel unsafe about your garage door, call us right away.

    Connect with Our Team Today!

    Our team works around the clock to respond to emergency garage door installation, repair, and inspection in Long Beach.

    We have the appropriate equipment and protective gear to do the job perfectly and accident-free.

    At the earliest time possible, we will dispatch our reliable and service-oriented technician to solve your concerns right away.

    You can expect us to deliver the best garage door services at affordable and reasonable prices. Contact our team now!

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