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    Garage Door Won't Close

    Most of us consider our garage as the main entrance and exit to our property.

    Thus, leaving a crucial role to our hardware in allowing us to enter and leave the premise conveniently.

    Apart from that, garage doors are supposed to keep us safe.

    But, what if one night you come home to a widely opened overhead door?

    Moreover, before you call your trusted service provider in Long Beach, you might want to try some simple troubleshooting.

    Moreover, if you’re not confident in your skills, you can always call Long Beach Garage Doors.

    We specialize in providing reliable mechanical door repairs, installations, parts replacement, and more.

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    However, before we go deeper into our topic, first, let’s understand why our garage door won’t close?

    Read on to find out the common reasons why overhead doors are exhibiting movement problems and how to fix them.

    1. Blocked safety sensors

    The first thing that you need to check when your garage door won’t close is the safety sensors.

    This device is responsible for transmitting a signal to the hardware on when to stop lowering its door panel.

    If there’s the presence of objects or anything that might block its signal, it will prematurely retract the panel from closing.

    Located six (6) inches above the ground and on each side of the hardware, check for any obstruction.

    Remove any obstruction, wipe it down and check for the sensors’ alignment.

    2. Safety sensors are misaligned

    As stated above, when the hardware is prompted, it transmits a signal that either lifts open or closes the panel.

    In this case, the garage door will not lower the panel to close.

    However, even after removing any obstruction and the problem still exists, misaligned sensors are possible.

    Due to everyday use and friction, the movement might have caused the displacement of the sensors.

    Checks for proper alignment—then re-align the sensors’ light lasers accordingly.

    3. Limit setting issues

    If this issue may have appeared after purchasing and replacing the door panel–check the opener.

    Then, check for the limit setting.

    It’s likely possible that the opener’s limit setting did not match the newly purchased door panel’s feature.

    The limit setting is responsible for how far should the door panel closes entirely.

    If you find it difficult to adjust the door’s setting, call a reliable technician to undertake the task.

    4. Inadequate transmitter battery

    For the hardware to work perfectly, it needs a working battery that can transmit a signal when prompted to open or close.

    So, when the transmitter will run out of battery, it’s likely the door panel will exhibit movement problems.

    Replacing the battery is probably one of the simplest ways to resolve the issue.

    However, in case the problem would still exist after troubleshooting, call for technical support.

    5. Misaligned tracks

    A misaligned track should be addressed immediately.

    That’s because the issue is beyond the closing mechanism problem.

    The overhead door track is a path that facilitates the panel as it lowers and lifts open.

    If there’s a presence of misalignment, not only it will cause tension to the adjacent parts but also poses a safety risk.

    Bear in mind the standard weight of the door panel weighs 130 to 230 pounds.

    If the panel is prompted, it will be forced to cross a misaligned track.

    As a result, it will further cause damage to the tracks prompting you to spend on expensive repairs.

    In any way, do not attempt to re-align the tracks if you don’t have the necessary equipment and skills.

    6. Frequency issues

    Out of range is one of the most common issues when the garage door won’t close properly.

    You can easily resolve the issue with a few troubleshooting such as prompting the door to close at a close distance.

    If this is not the case, the next thing you need to inspect is the antenna.

    By doing this, you need to remove any possible obstruction that hinders the transmission of the signal.

    Another issue that you might want to consider is the frequency of your neighbor.

    Since chances of using the same frequency are not impossible.

    As ridiculous as it sounds, we must consider all the possibilities to resolve the issue.

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