Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

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    Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

    Do you know that replacing a broken torsion spring is considered one of the dangerous types of repairs?

    This type of repair is not for everybody.

    Besides the absence of technical skills, you have to acquire the right tools to efficiently do the repairs.

    So when your damaged torsion spring needs to be replaced, call your nearby expert technician in Long Beach.

    And don’t attempt to do the repairs as it entails safety risks that may result in serious injury.

    Furthermore, you should let the entire household know about the situation and avoid using the hardware until it’s replaced.

    If you’re interested to know the process of garage door torsion spring repair, here’s how:

    Different Types of Spring

    Considered one of the major parts of the garage door, springs act as the door panel’s counterbalance.

    When you prompt the door panel to lower or lift open, you will see the springs at work.

    The garage door has two types of springs with different functions.

    However, both of these springs are responsible for the closing and opening mechanism of the hardware.

    1. Extension Spring(s). This spring is seen vertically mounted on the sides of the door panel. Extension spring is responsible for pulling or lifting the panel.

    2. Torsion Spring(s). This spring is seen mounted horizontally at the center on the upper part of the door panel.

    Its main function is to match your door panel’s design and weight.

    Meaning, the thicker your panel, the thicker should your torsion spring will be for the consistency of the opening and closing mechanism.

    With torsion spring, lowering and lifting the panel makes it effortless even with the thickest door panel.

    How Do You Repair and Replace the Spring

    With everyday use and exposure to various harmful elements, the springs will lose their resilient qualities eventually.

    That’s why when your door panel feels heavy, the possibility of this malfunction is a broken torsion spring.

    But when it comes to garage door torsion spring repair, we strongly advise employing a professional technician.

    Owing to the torsion spring’s tension, repairing and replacing it alone puts you in danger.

    Moreover, we will show a brief process of what happens during the replacement process.

    Prepare the frame of the hardware.

    As part of the installation process, the threshold should be prepared as well since this is where we’re going to attach the hardware.

    After the preparation, attach and assemble the torsion spring accordingly.

    Hold the door panel in place.

    Close the door panel.

    With the use of clamps and locking pliers, hold or lock the panel in a closed position.

    Holding it in a locked position will help prevent any sudden movement or accidentally opening of the door panel.

    Assemble the replacement spring.

    Place the torsion spring into the tube.

    Then assemble properly.

    On the frame of the door panel, place the support plates firmly

    Make sure to mount the springs into the plates (support)

    Then, install the newly purchased torsion springs.

    After the installation, adjustments or little tweaking are made with the help of the winding.

    To ensure the process is done successfully, we will proceed to the functionality test.

    Frequency of Basic Maintenance

    Garage door springs are just like any moving parts of the hardware that needs regular upkeep.

    By doing so, you need to look for the best lubricant in the market.

    Lubrication should be done every 6 months or as needed.

    Providing the most basic needs for your springs will keep your hardware in seamless condition.

    Depending on the frequency of use, make sure your springs will receive the best care.

    Bottom Line

    Given the springs function, accumulation of everyday wear is expected.

    Over time, these detrimental components will shed the spring’s life span.

    However, with regular lubrication, it will likely last and save you from spending on costly repairs.

    That’s why we strongly recommend giving your hardware the basic upkeep it needs.

    Don’t wait for the time your hardware will break down.

    Make it a point to see the signs your hardware is telling you.

    Just like any other mechanical device or appliance, garage doors need proper care and attention.

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