Garage Door Opener Installation

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    Garage Door Opener Installation

    Among the most important components of the garage door is the opener.

    This device helps facilitate ease of use when prompting the door panel.

    And this means the opener is prone to encounter tension and accumulation of various harmful elements.

    These elements will slowly shed the opener’s life span.

    Moreover, when you need a garage door opener installation in Long Beach, simply give us a call.

    Long Beach Garage Doors is a team of professional technicians that specializes in an array of garage door services.

    We understand your concerns when it comes to your mechanical device.

    That’s why when it malfunctions, we are the ones you need to call.

    Installing an overhead door opener requires technical skills.

    Apart from that, if you installed the ones with different technical specifications, it may cause damage to your hardware.

    To prevent this mistake from happening, leave the technical job to the experts! Connect with us today!

    Different Types of Openers

    The single most important function of the garage door opener is to facilitate the opening and closing mechanism.

    With today’s array of technological options, choosing the best openers is not as simple as you may think.

    That’s because you have to consider the technical specifications of the hardware and the opener.

    Here are the following four (4) types of overhead door openers to choose from such as:

    1. Chain Drive Openers

    Generally, the chain drive type of opener is the cheapest opener among the other options.

    This type of opener may not be ideal for some owners as it produces loud sounds during operation.

    The reason behind its loud noise is that the device works on a metal chain.

    However, this is commonly seen in every residential since it’s the cheapest among the other types.

    Apart from that, the device lives up to its purpose in providing ease of use.

    But, if you’re not on a constricted budget and noise is an issue, you might want to buy the next one.

    2. Belt Drive Openers

    The belt drive operates on a stretch of rubber belt.

    Compared to the chain drive, this opener is not like its counterpart that produces noise and vibrations.

    So, if you prefer a quieter device while leaving your home in the early hours of the morning, a belt drive is your best bet.

    3. Screw Drive Openers

    The name of the device describes the nature of this opener as it runs through a threaded steel rod.

    Just like the belt drive, the screw drive opener is also a silent type of opener.

    But this device has way lesser maintenance needs than the belt drive.

    4. Direct Drive Openers

    Unlike the conventional counterparts, the Directdrive opener does not run on any chains or belts that pass through a stationary trolley.

    As the name suggests, the direct drive opener moves along with its motor when prompted.

    Meaning, it’s quieter and does not even require regular upkeep.

    Entrust the Replacement and Installation to the Experts

    Some may find this job a breeze especially if you have the experience and right tools.

    Moreover, for first-timers, it’s going to be tedious and may even take your time piecing up the puzzle.

    That’s why there’s a good reason behind why you need to hire a professional to install the device for you.

    Aside from giving you reliable installations, it assures you excellent service.

    Furthermore, when replacing and installing an opener, you have to consider its technical specifications.

    If by chance you installed a device with a lower horsepower to a well-insulated door panel, it will strain the device.

    As a result, you will face another problem and additional cost on the repairs.

    Don’t take chances; leave the tedious technical installation job to the experts in Long Beach.

    Bottom Line

    The garage door opener features ultimate convenience to every homeowner when prompting the door panel.

    It allows us to pull in and out of our garage conveniently.

    With only a press of the button, it lifts the panel open and lowers it down with ease.

    That’s why when you plan to replace your opener, don’t take any chances of DIYing the job.

    Look for a reliable service provider in Long Beach.

    Professional technicians will give you honest advice on which ones should go with your door panel.

    And will make the entire process of replacement and installation without even breaking a sweat.

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