Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    Just like our home appliances, a commercial overhead door requires regular maintenance.

    Most of the time, we brush off the importance of the upkeep until the hardware has stopped working.

    We often overlook the simplest errors that our mechanical door shows us such as moving slow or unusual noises.

    We get that in a commercial property, business operations are the bread and butter of the company.

    Little do we know when the hardware will come crashing down, it will not only ruin your day but you will miss an entire day’s operation.

    Moreover, when you have a trusted service provider, you don’t have to worry about getting it back and moving immediately.

    Long Beach Garage Doors is only a call away!

    Furthermore, to avoid inconveniences in the future, you might want to apply the following preventive measures to your hardware.

    Routine maintenance will not only preserve your hardware but will also save you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

    Read on to find out how to do a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist for seamless hardware.

    How Many Times Should I Do a Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance keeps your hardware in its optimal condition and even makes it last longer.

    Usually, maintenance should be done every six (6) months.

    Moreover, as we all know, commercial overhead doors receive a significant amount of wear and tear.

    And this is why it’s crucial not to ignore the importance of regular upkeep in keeping the hardware in good condition.

    Therefore, you have to schedule the upkeep every three (3) months.

    Aside from keeping the hardware fully functional, you will be able to identify any arising issues.

    By detecting premature issues, they will be remedied right away to avoid any problems or inconveniences later on.

    Moreover, do keep in mind that even if you have applied the basic maintenance needs, you still have to consult the experts.

    This is true, especially; in certain cases those are no longer in line with your capacity to fix the problem.

    That’s because some minor issues are masking a major underlying problem.

    When it comes to garage door issues, always give priority to your safety and delegate the problem accordingly.

    Check out the following commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist we compiled for you.

    Our Basic Routine Maintenance Checklist

    Even without the supervision of a professional technician, basic maintenance can be done easily through the following:

    1. Conducting visual check. When visual checking, make sure to close the door panel completely. This will provide you a panoramic view of the hardware.

    This facilitates easy detection of any anomalies such as a worn-out spring(s), cable, loose hinges, nuts, and bolts, etc.

    In short, visual inspection allows you to see signs of damage on the hardware and that must be addressed immediately.

    2. Applying grease on moving parts as needed. In preserving the moving parts of the hardware, regular lubrication should be done as needed.

    Every day, these moving parts encounter a significant amount of friction.

    And let’s keep in mind that these moving parts make out the overall composition of the hardware.

    Lubricate the following parts–spring(s), cables, rollers, hinges, pulleys, the opener’s chain, or drive screw.

    Although lubrication should be done as needed, make sure not to overdo the application of lubricants to avoid dirt or particles sticking on the moving parts.

    3. Replace the weather stripping if needed. Weatherstripping is responsible for sealing the gaps on all sides of the hardware.

    So, if there’s the presence of cracks or worn-out strips, replace them accordingly.

    Weatherstripping keeps draft and other harmful elements from entering or exiting the premises.

    4. Test the Reversal System. By checking the reversal system, you need to open the door panel all the way.

    The reversal system will help ensure the opening mechanism of the hardware is functional.

    By doing so, place an object on the floor at the center of the opening.

    Then, prompt the button to lower down the panel.

    If the door panel has retracted even before hitting the ground, this means the reversal system is functioning well.

    However, if it does the other way around, check the safety sensors for proper alignment or obstruction.

    If the problem still exists, call for technical support.

    5. Tighten any loose parts. Due to daily friction, vibration, or tension the hardware will encounter every day, loosening of moving parts is expected.

    With your basic tools at hand, make sure to tighten any visible loose parts.

    Overlooking this simple task can result in serious damages later on.

    Call the Expert Technician in Long Beach

    Following this basic commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist is easy.

    However, implementing them regularly is not easy given the fact that in a commercial property–people run on a busy schedule.

    Moreover, if you can’t keep up with the overhead door’s upkeep needs, call us any time of the day!

    Our expert team is up 24/7 for emergency repairs anywhere in Long Beach and its surrounding area.

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