How To Tighten Garage Door Springs

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    The springs of the doors to the garage have an important function inside the garage.

    These springs are responsible for lifting the heavy door slabs.

    With the help of cables and rollers, you can guarantee that the doors will travel up the tracks smoothly.

    You need to have springs that provide enough force to lift the doors.

    Loose springs or unadjusted springs can result in a slow-moving door in your garage.

    Worse, loose springs can mean that your garage door may fall down the tracks.

    If you want to know how to tighten garage door springs, you can take a few steps to achieve this.

    After adjusting, test your work.

    A tight spring should have the optimal force to carry the door smoothly and efficiently.

    Steps to tighten the torsion spring

    Torsion springs work with torsion force to provide the torque that works on the door.

    These are the steps to tighten the torsion springs that are on the frame:

    Step 1: Disconnect the opener

    Pull the emergency release cord on the opener motor rail.

    Now, you can open the garage door manually.

    Lift the door upwards on the tracks and secure it with c-clamps.

    Step 2: Adjust the winding cone

    Find the winding cone on the rod which secures the torsion spring in place.

    Insert a bar in one of the winding cone holes to loosen its hold on the rod.

    Be careful in stepping on the ladder as the winding cone is high on the door frame of the garage.

    Step 3: Tighten the spring

    Leave the bar within its hole; you will use this to wind the spring up or down.

    Turn the winding cone towards the direction that turns the coils towards the end.

    In most cases, winding up the coils increases the tension of the spring.

    Step 4: Reposition the coils

    Don’t remove the bar that you’re using to hold the spring.

    Now, move the winding cone along the rod to adjust the placement of the torsion spring.

    Extend the spring length in the rod to change the speed of the door movement.

    Step 5: Secure the new place of the torsion spring

    In its optimal place within the rod, secure the torsion spring.

    Return the screw, or nut and bolts, in its place on the holes.

    Ensure that the winding cone is tight in its new place.

    Step 6: Open the garage

    Many big garages make use of a two-spring system.

    If you have another spring on the other side, do the same and tighten the torsion spring.

    Re-engage the opener and open the garage automatically.

    Steps to tighten the tension spring

    Another kind of spring you can adjust regularly is the extension spring.

    These extension springs usually run parallel to the opener or on the side of the tracks.

    Step 1: Disengage the opener

    Pull the emergency release cord to disengage the opener from the door panels.

    Now, you can open the garage manually.

    Lift the door panels on the tracks and secure them with a c-clamp.

    Step 2: Remove the spring

    Find the tension springs on top of the garage.

    Remove the hook that holds one end of the tension spring in the frame.

    You may need to use a wrench or screwdriver for this.

    Step 3: Shift the location of the spring hook in the track

    Find a new place nearby in the frame to secure the tension spring.

    Avoid putting the tension spring in a place that’s unnecessarily higher as it may break the spring faster.

    Return the screw or nut and bolt that holds the spring hook to the frame.

    Step 4: Adjust the safety cables as well

    In all tension springs, safety cables will run between the coils.

    Readjust the safety cable as well.

    Make sure it follows the new position of the tension spring.

    Step 5: Secure the cable and the spring properly

    Check the new place of spring and safety cable.

    If you think it’s better to replace the tension spring, opt for brand new springs.

    Do this by assessing the condition of the coils before placing them in a new position within the tracks.

    Step 6: Do the same to the other side and test

    After you adjust one side, do the same to the other side.

    Make sure that both springs are at the same height, so they have equal force.

    Adjust the safety cable as well and test your work by re-engaging the opener.

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