Garage Door Spring Installation

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    Garage Door Spring Installation

    Did you wake up to a heavy door panel? It’s high time to get your garage door spring replaced.

    A heavy door panel is one of the most common signs your spring(s) needs to be upgraded.

    And if you don’t have the slightest idea how to replace and install a new set of springs, call for technical support.

    Besides, replacing and installing a spring poses a safety hazard especially if you don’t have the skills.

    Long Beach Garage Doors offers an array of accessible and excellent services 24/7.

    For emergency garage door spring installation, let us know and we will be right there in an instant!

    But, what prompts our springs to deteriorate? Can it be prevented? Read on to find out the early signs to prevent them right away.

    Common Signs Telling You to Replace Your Spring

    We all don’t want to experience any garage door mishaps.

    Besides causing us inconvenience, it compromises our safety and prompts us to spend on costly repairs.

    But little do we know before the hardware has crashed down, it showed us signs? Indeed, our hardware will let us know that it needs attention.

    So, when you notice any of the following telling signs, don’t brush it off.

    Do a thorough inspection and call for technical support as needed.

    1. Do you see a visible gap between the springs?
    2. Once you tried to prompt it open but it lifted the panel slightly a few inches above the ground?
    3. Do you feel the door panel seems heavy to prompt open?
    4. Is your garage door
    panel slanted on the other side?

    If you’ve answered yes to all the telling signs we’ve mentioned, it’s time to replace your worn-out springs.

    Moreover, if you’re not confident to carry out the job, call a reliable service provider.

    Besides, we highly discourage you to do this type of job as it entails safety risk and might cause serious injury.

    Moreover, allow us to show you what happens during the garage door spring installation process.

    What Happens During the Installation Process?

    With the availability of tools and equipment in the market, some people find this job a breeze.

    But for those people that are not certain about their technical skills, here’s how we do the replacement and installation of garage door springs.

    Make sure to gather all the materials, tools, and necessary equipment.

    Make sure to place them in a place where it’s accessible.

    First, let us introduce you to the two main parts of garage door springs:

    • Torsion spring(s)
    • Extension spring(s)

    For Torsion Springs replacement, here’s how we do them:

    1. As part of the installation process, the threshold frame should be prepared as well.

    It’s where we will attach and assemble our torsion spring. So, it’s only wise to keep it firm and able to hold the mechanical door.

    2. The next step should be to keep the hardware locked with the use of locking tools e.g. set of clamps and locking pliers

    Keeping it locked will prevent any sudden movement or accidentally opening of the door panel.

    3. To the spring tube, place and assemble the replacement springs

    4. On the frame of the door panel, place the support plates firmly

    5. Make sure to mount the springs into the plates (support)

    6. Then, install the newly purchased torsion springs.

    After the installation, adjustments or little tweaking are made with the help of the winding.

    To ensure the process is done successfully, we will proceed to the functionality test.

    Here’s how we do our installation of the Extension Springs:

    1. For this part, make sure to open the door panel completely and lock the position in place.

    Just like the installation process of torsion spring(s), locking the panel in place prevents any accident.

    2. Remove the worn-out extension spring and install the new set. Then, stretch the spring about an inch after installation even the panel is completely open.

    3. After installing the springs successfully, remove the clamps.

    4. Adjust accordingly. Then, do the functionality test.

    Bottom Line

    There’s no better way to teach ourselves but by performing the job on our own.

    Moreover, let’s not eliminate the safety risks of replacing the springs without the technical skills.

    That’s because even the experts will make a mistake.

    Understanding the process and actually doing the installation are two different things.

    So, when you attempt in replacing and installing the broken parts of your hardware, always think about your safety.

    If you will change your mind, we are here to carry out the job.

    Our line is open 24/7 for fast and reliable repairs.

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